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3D Game Development with Unity

Get started in 3D Game Development with Unity, the most popular tool among game developers. Students develop 3D characters and environments to create interactive experiences. 

Teen Coding with Python

Learn to code from the ground up with Python, one of the most widely-used and widely-taught programming languages.

Video Game Design

Turn your enthusiasm for gaming into real-world tech skills! This course will provide you with the tools to create your own video games to play on the web or your smartphone. 

Junior Coder

This 1 day workshop will take your kids from zero to coding HERO

Senior Adventures In Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the hottest topic in tech. Learners will build AI models to control autonomous vehicles and smart homes, and try to predict a movie’s success based on its poster. The ideal course to inspire further learning in AI

Teen Coding with Python II

Take your coding further with this second step in learning Python. This course builds on the Python fundamentals covered in the Teen Coding with Python course.

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