Lego Stop-Motion Animation (2 Days)

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Lego Stop-Motion Animation (2 Days)

Make Your Own Movie

Move over Spielberg! Discover how to script, create, film and produce your very own Stop-Motion movie.




All equipment is provided

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Work collaboratively in small groups storyboarding short story ideas for the perfect animation



Once the story is read, it's time to build our sets, and work together to use our characters and settings!



Supported by our tutors, the students will learn how to edit their work and cool effects.


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What is the tutor:student ratio?

This varies from course to course, but we generally have a maximum of 8 students per tutor.

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Course Overview

Are you a great storyteller with a passion for film and creative flair with plastic bricks? Do you reckon you can produce the next blockbuster LEGO movie? Here’s your chance to learn how!

Unleash your creativity and join the fun with Fire Tech’s Stop-motion Animation with LEGO holiday workshop.

Working collaboratively in small groups, students workshop short story ideas and refine scripts for their animation production. Using lego kits, whiteboards and any other creative tools at their disposal, students build their own characters and set ready for filming.

With guidance from the expert Fire Tech tutors, and using iPads with the latest stop-motion tech, students learn how to film their movie, record voiceovers and produce their film to a final product. Every student will finish the day with a short film they have created to take home and show Mum and Dad!

The questions you need to consider are… What fun storyline’s will you can create? What will the of voice of your hero/heroine sound like? and, Who will you thank in your Oscars speech?


What your child will learn

  • How to create stop-motion animation with Lego, props and creativity
  • What makes a good story? Setting, characters and conflict.
  • How to animate walk/run cycles with stick figures on iPads
  • Plenty of creative problem-solving to work out logical sequencing and timing
  • The chance to get creative with heaps of awesome Lego and great friends!

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Meet Will

Will studied at the Royal Academy of Music and is one of Fire Tech most long-standing digital music tutors. He's a drummer, composer, and loves teaching young people how to combine technology with music to build sounds, songs, compositions and much more.

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