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Explore, Engineer and Build New 3D Worlds Learn the latest tips, tricks, mods and hacks!


Minecraft Maker

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Course Overview

Minecraft – it’s more than just an obsession for young (and old!) gamers, it’s an interactive and fun exploration of environmental design, 3D modelling and code development.

Primarily using creative mode, students learn how to build complex worlds from scratch using their creativity, design flair and coding skills. Consciously or not, students are developing skills relevant to architecture, urban, environmental and landscape design and planning and much more.

This course is open for all levels of experience, from first-timers wanting to understand more about the Minecraft community to hard-core fans looking to refine their skills and even learn some new mods and hacks.

What students will learn

  • How to navigating 3D space within a design program (using X, Y and Z axes).
  • Produce a Minecraft world from scratch using a range of freely-available, cross-platform tools.
  • Confidently create objects, combine shapes and paint with 2D and 3D brushes and tools.
  • Import 3D schematic files into MCEdit.
  • Create original adventure maps with WorldPainter.
  • Test, share and play their worlds in Minecraft.
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What will students take home

  • A copy of any cheat sheets or references
  • A copy of any files or assets
  • A fantastic creative-tech experience
  • A Firetech Certificate
  • Big Smiles and New Ideas :-)
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Firetech Courses Include

  • 8:1 Student-Teacher Ratio
  • New Skills and Knowledge Practice
  • Enthusiastic Instructors
  • A Supportive Community
  • Outdoor Activities*
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Who is this course suitable for?

No prior experience is required but there are some prerequisites for attending this course:

  • Must be between age 9 and 12 at start of course
  • Basic IT skills
  • Bring your own lunch

* Outdoor activities dependent on location and weather. ** some software only available as trial. We arrange a discounted rate with the publishers for our campers when possible.