Making Games with ROBLOX (Online)

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Making Games with ROBLOX (Online)

NEW! Based on the amazingly popular Roblox platform, introducing budding young designers and developers to the principles of practical game design & development, world building and Lua programming.




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Introducing students to game design and development with Roblox. Teaching students how to design, model and build their own game worlds and objects.



Introducing different programming concepts using Lua. Equipping students to debug their code and work out how to help themselves when they run into problem



Allowing students to custom build and publish their own unique games that they can share with others.

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Course Overview

Course Length: 2 Day Course 
Delivery format: Remote Learning – Live Teaching in small groups (max 8)
Suitable for: Age 9 – 12
Pre-requisites: None
System Requirements: Windows/Mac system required
Day Structure: 50 Minute Sessions, with 10 minute tea Break & 40 Minutes for Lunch

Course Description

This fantastic course is based on the amazingly popular Roblox platform, and introduces budding young designers and developers to the principles of practical game design & development, world building and Lua programming.

Students will learn the fundamentals of game development and level design, creating their own, fully playable game in day one. In day two, students will be introduced to the Lua programming language to elevate their games to another level.

By the end of the course, they will have created their own unique Roblox games and published them to the Internet, ready to be shared with their friends and family!

These highly transferable skills can take students further in Roblox Studio, into intermediate and advanced game development, and can even be transferred into a range of industry tools.  

This course is designed for students aged 9-12 who may or may not have programmed previously. Some may have already played Roblox games, or even made their own. Others may have experience with different game engines or programming languages, whilst there may be some for whom game development and programming is a completely new endeavour.

Online Learning Environment
  • Online Courses are delivered by a live video online classroom environment.
  • Students will be able to share notes, access take home activities and liaise with the tutor via online chat.
  • All our online classroom environments have strict security and are moderated live to ensure a safe learning environment for your child.
  • System requirements apply – check out our guide here

What your child will learn

  • Principles of practical game design & development, world building and Lua programming.
  • Create obstacle courses and role playing games to navigate them
  • Fundamental concepts in coding that can be applied to any language
  • Share their coding and projects with other Roblox fans on the Internet
  • Design and build game worlds and racing games, and create unique interactions

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