Digital Photography (Teens)

Shoot and Edit with DSLRs and Photoshop






All equipment is provided

Art meets tech in our Digital Photography course. Create stunning, interesting, and creative photos! 

Digital Photography (Teens)

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Course Overview

Bring your creativity and curiosity to our Digital Photography course for age 12+. Across two days, students will learn all the key functions of a modern DSLR (digital) camera and how to use it to create great images worthy of framing and putting on your wall. 

We start with the DSLR cameras and teach you all about the functions and controls. We provide cameras or you can bring your own. We’ll go through the basics of composition and shooting – lighting, exposure, depth of field, and framing to really get to grips will all the possibilities of your camera and set up.

Next, we work with photo editing software to organise, process, edit and retouch photos.  We’ll even show you how to create special effects with exciting photo projects!  Finally, learn to export and store your photos to print and hang on your wall.

This digital photography and editing with photoshop course will give you a strong base to get your creative juices flowing.


PHOTO: Fire Tech Camp Student experiment with double exposure

Fire Tech student experiment with double exposure

What students will learn

  • How to get the most from your camera and improve your photos.
  • Understand how your camera works, what are its capabilities and limitations.
  • Learn about exposure and how to control it.
  • Learn how to solve common problems and shoot in difficult situations.
  • Learn how to use composition and lighting to turn a nice shot into a great shot.
  • Organise photos and process image files
  • Use photo editing software - including creating special effects
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What will students take home

  • A copy of their images
  • A Firetech Certificate
  • Any cheat sheets or reference pages
  • New ideas and big smiles :)
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Firetech Courses Include

  • 8:1 Student-Teacher Ratio
  • New Skills and Knowledge Practice
  • Enthusiastic Instructors
  • A Supportive Community
  • Outdoor Activities*
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Who is this course suitable for?

No prior experience is required but there are some prerequisites for attending this course:

  • Must be between age 12 and 17 at start of course
  • Basic IT skills
  • Bring your own lunch

* Outdoor activities dependent on location and weather. ** some software only available as trial. We arrange a discounted rate with the publishers for our campers when possible.