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Tech Courses for Young People


At Fire Tech we're on a mission to teach young people how to design, create and innovate with strongly embedded values that underpin the work they do and the change they create.

We offer a wide range of 30+ creative and technical courses from robotics to coding and software programming, flying drones and digital photography.

Fire Tech's workshops are designed to provide an inspiring and supportive environment for challenging design thinking, problem-solving, communication and collaboration skills - while having heaps of fun along the way!

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The Fire Tech Difference

ICON: 8-to-1 ratio


An 8:1 student-tutor ratio ensures all kids gets the support they need to excel.

Our support and lead tutors provide direction and extra help when needed.

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ICON: Venue


You decide the location, and we bring the equipment, skills and passion to you. Fire Tech has tutors working from Butler to Bunbury in a wide range of roles and support. We've also reached out to a selection of fantastic locations that create strong bases to host our school holiday and in-term workshops.

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ICON: tutor

Skilled, Enthusiastic, Trained Tutors

We recruit the best tutors to deliver our courses. From top universities as well as recent teaching graduates and industry pros. All our tutors are fully background checked, with current WWC and NPC checks.

ICON: curriculum

PROPRIETARY Curriculum that works!

We have invested in creating our own curricula designed to teach both technical and soft 21st century skills while keeping students engaged and inspired for their future. Continually developing and evolving our curriculum to reflect an essential tech skillset for the future.


STEAM or STEM+ is an interdisciplinary approach promoting the innovative and creative potential of the Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths industries working together.

Why Fire Tech?

Fire Tech evolved from a passion for the importance of tech skills, and the fun and innovative potential that they can bring to our live and future.

The "Fire" in Fire Tech is about igniting a spark of curiosity and inspiring kids and communities to embrace tech as an essential part of their future and to continue their investigative learning journey long after the class is finished.

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We love getting feedback - your ideas for improvement help us successfully thrive, and your kind words put big smiles on our faces.

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