Course Overview

Built for beginners, this course has been split into two sections: Starting Games with Unity and Advancing Games with Unity.

Starting Games with Unity will cover all details of the Unity software from using the editor, to coding in C# and students will leaving having created a simple game.

Advancing Games with Unity will allow students to further develop their skills and even cover best practices when making games. By the end of this course, students will be able to build their own games using real code, real assets and industry standard practices.

As the next step in the game design journey, it is important to exposes students to an editor software as well as exposing them to coding in the context of making games and game systems. As the world’s most flexible and powerful game development software, Unity is the prime place to go next in the educational journey.

The core skills to be imparted in this course are how to use the Unity Engine to make games. It is important for the students to understand how Unity works and the best ways to make Unity work for them.

Starting Games with Unity
- C# Programming in Monodevelop
- Familiarity with the Unity Engine UI & Navigation
- Programming in the context of making games
- Familiarity with Unity Engine Systems and Game Development Frameworks

Advancing Games with Unity
- Level/Puzzle/Encounter/Situation Design
- Lighting & Audio Design
- Crafting Games and Narrative

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