Course Overview

This is where electronics and computer programming meet, to create exciting sensors and devices that interact with the world around you!

Using Arduino, this course teaches the basics of physical computing. Students will learn to develop systems that interact with the environment around them (known as “cyber-physical systems”), building breadboards and programming their own Arduino microcontroller to read inputs and produce outputs. Campers will soon find themselves controlling LED flashing lights, switches and sounds, all with the help of their Arduino microcontroller!

What is Arduino?

Arduino is an computing-electronics system developed to enable people to easily connect with, and control, physical objects. It is composed of a small computer, called a microcontroller, which is digitally programmed to manipulate and respond to different inputs and outputs. Students will learn how to hook it up to different sensors, motors and electronic circuits. The best way to understand the endless creative possibilities of Arduino are to see some of the results for yourself!

Course Overview

The Arduino course will cover:

  • Introduction: The programming environment, the language used and blinking LEDs
  • Actuators: Simple digital toggles and transistor-based switches
  • Communication: Wired communication between devices and more conventional computers

The workshop will use Arduinos as a base, and participants will have a chance to build gadgets using buttons, LEDs, buzzers and breadboards. Coding will be used to program their gadgets. As with all Fire Tech courses, we encourage original thinking through project-based work and, in the case of Arduino, campers are really only limited by their imagination!

Available Dates