Course Overview

Children and teens aged 12+ learn how to write code that interacts with the Minecraft game, building huge structures automatically, and adding their own intelligence by creating mini games within the Minecraft world. But be assured, the focus of this course is learning Python programming, using Minecraft as an engaging environment and tool. Students will also get their hands dirty with electronics, building their own game controller, using breadboards, buttons, flashing LEDs and a custom mini Arduino.

The course price includes the (discounted) cost of these kits, which the students will be able to keep. This course is based on the new book Adventures in Minecraft, co-written by one of our most experienced Lead Teachers, David Whale. In fact, the inspiration for the book was our first Python course that he taught, and the interest that some of our students had for using Minecraft as a learning tool!

By the end of the course, students will:

  • Know how to set up and run their own mini Minecraft server
  • Be able to design and code Minecraft mini games in Python, using a range of programming techniques
  • Code their own automated block building programs, enabling them to build huge complex structures at the blink of an eye
  • Add intelligence to their games through Python coding
  • Build their own game controllers for Minecraft, by linking the virtual Minecraft world with the real world through the use of electronic circuits.

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