Not Your Usual Minecraft Course

We often get asked what makes our Minecraft courses so different from all the others - and it’s a fair question. After all, with the YouTube generation and the onset of “Lets Plays” videos, you'd think it might be difficult to compete with the sheer volume of Minecraft-related information available from other sources.

When we designed our Minecraft Maker course curriculum, we decided to go down an avenue different to what kids (and their parents) would expect.

We use Minecraft as a gateway to learn other skills with a firm emphasis on 'making'. Our Minecraft Maker course puts a firm focus on using 2D and 3D design tools, principles of logic as well as exposure to engineering basics - not just learning how to play on servers or install mods. We ignite the passion for playing in a “sandbox” environment with the passion to make something new and different.

A Fire Tech Camper is someone who is interested in creating things, not just consuming, and a typical camper walks away from one of our Minecraft courses having learned something new and exciting that they can't wait to share with their friends and family.

We’re happy to say that it's an experience they won't find anywhere else.

Seats are still available on our 3-day Minecraft Maker course this April at the Tech Hub in Perth. Click here to book now. Book before 1st April and received a free copy of How to Code in Minecraft by Fire Tech Camp Co-founder Jim Christian.